Red Run Golf Club has a rich tradition with the Western Golf Association and the Evans Scholars Foundation dating back to 1952 when Life Member Bob McMasters became our first caddie to be awarded an Evans Scholarship. Moreover, in the 120-year history of the WGA only two men from the State of Michigan have been elected Chairman and both are members of Red Run G.C. - Bob McMasters, 1996-97 and David Robinson, 2016-17.

Since 1952, 88  Red Run caddies have been awarded scholarships. In the past year, nine Red Run caddies received a scholarship. Each scholarship is valued at $100,000 and covers the full cost of tuition and housing for four years. Red Run Golf Club recipients attend either Michigan State University or the University of Michigan and live off campus in the Evans Scholarship House for all four years.

Click HERE to watch Ainslie Woodward, one of our own Evans Scholars representing Red Run.

Roster of 2020-21 Red Run Golf Club Evans Scholars

2021 Evans Scholars

2021 Donation: $91,025



Women’s Western 
Golf Foundation

2021 Donation: $5,650 
             RR Red Apple 
Employee Scholarship

2021 Donation: $4,100 

        Team Sefridge
Family Relief Fund
Michigan Section PGA
2021 Donation: $743 


Eagles for Children   

The Eagles for Children is a non-profit organization committed to supporting local charities for disadvantaged youth through partnerships with private golf clubs. Similar to the hole-in-one insurance program, each member will be opt-out only and spouses will be opt-in. Every eagle made by participating members will be tracked by the first tee and acknowledgment posted throughout the club and Red Run website. Each participant will be billed on a monthly basis. At the end of the calendar year, the Eagles for Children Committee will select children’s charities to gift the money raised by Red Run Golf Club.

This past year our Club, along with twelve other local country clubs, raised $645,577 which provided grants to 78 local children’s charities. Since inception nine years ago, Eagles for Children has raised and donated $2.8 million!

Eagles for Children is a simple, fun and engaging program that unites your club for a common cause … THE KIDS!

Click HERE to watch the 2020 Eagles for Children Grant Recipient Presentation.  

                       img                  Warmed Heart - Thank You Card Template (Free | Thank you card template,  Card template, Thank you gifsA letter of gratitude from
Children's Leukemia Foundation of Michigan

Eagles Foundation is still working hard for the disadvantaged kids in our communities. If you know of a local organization that could use some assistance, please see 2021 Eagles for Children application link below to apply. 

2021 Eagles for Children Application